What is fasting?

Why fasting?
How to fast?
What is it good for?

What is the differense between fasting and starving?

What is fasting exactly? It is one of the oldest natural healing method. It simply means choosing to be without solid food for a certain period of time to cleanse and purify the body and mind.


When hearing the word fasting, some people ignorantly associate it with starving. In reality, it has absolutly nothing to do with starving. These are two very different states of the body and an important thing to know.

A well nourished body does have a kind of reserve within for all needed substances to function. During a fast, the body changes its metabolism and taps into this resource. So you see, the body is really an extraordinary system with its built in "food supply".

Starvation on the contrary means, the body does not have any resources to tap into, which is the case in a long time mal-nourished or sick body. Starvation means the body has to use essential substances to survive. It is somewhat like the body eats itself which is an unhealthy state.

Why fasting?

What is fasting good for?

People choose to do it for different reasons, but the aim remains the same: To cleanse, regenerate and heal one-self from inside out.

1. It is a great self-care method which you can use for detoxing the body, sustaining good health and increasing your vitality.

2. People choose it for health reasons as a natural therapy. It is well known that it can help with various health issues like digestive problems. More on that see Fasting for Health.

3. It is a great tool to keep your weight under control or to lose some weight.

4. Fasting has also positive effects on the mental and emotional level. It calms and clears the mind and it may help with alleviating mild depression.

More on Benefits of Fasting > >

The different methods of fasting

It can be done in many different ways. The oldest method is water fasting, which means abstaining from all food, liquid and solid and only drinking water. More modern approaches are juice fast and dr otto buchinger fasting method which include drinking juices and vegetable broth as well.

For further Information see Detox Fasting, which explains the different methods.

A course of fasting can vary between several hours and a few weeks in a row. Approaches like Intermittent Fasting alternate between eating- and fasting-days with extended time.

How to fast?

Every healthy adult can do it at home by him or herself. Although, it is a very simple method, it may not be as easy for everybody especially not for beginners. It does need a bunch of self-discipline to do it.

For that, I find it much easier doing it in a group on a fasting retreat. I highly recommend for beginners and for people with health problems to go on a retreat. It is also quite important to plan for it, choosing the right time and method and notably preparing the body for it.

If you want to try it out yourself, do read all the information provided on this webpage under Detox Fasting and get yourself a good book for further help.

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