Total Body Cleanse

Improve your Health with
The 5 Body Cleansing Organs

A total body cleanse is like a thorough spring clean. It is the best way to detox your entire system naturally. It restores and balances the body's function to optimally eliminate toxins and waste. You do that by stimulating all 5 cleansing channels of the body.

The 5 Body Detox Channels

The smaller part of the Intestine, the gut absorbs nutrients from the food. The bigger part of the Colon absorbs water and minerals and transports waste to the rectum. Waste products from ingested food should leave the body in 24 hours or less. Stress, heavy meals and many other factors can block the natural process of elimination.

Fecal matter that stays longer in the colon then it should starts to putrefy, a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria, fungi and parasites. The intestinal walls get clogged up with mucoid plaque which may hinder a proper absorbtion of nutrients. That may explain the saying: “Death begins in the colon”.

A whole body cleanse should always start with a thorough colon detox. It is the first and most important cleansing channel and often the one most in need for detoxing.

A clean colon is best achived with specialised colon detox kits that contain various herbs and minerals.

The Liver is the largest gland in the body and most of the detoxification takes place here. Appreciate your liver! It is working hard for you, sorting out substances that are not good for your body.

Everything harmful, from food additives, alcohol or medication is filtered and metabolized. At least, that is how it works in a healthy state (that would be the ideal condition). The liver needs a balanced diet for proper function. A lack of nutrients and too much saturated fat, alcohol and processed food overloads it. What the liver can not cleanse out stays in the system and starts to accumulate.

Helping the liver in its detoxification can greatly be achieved with a liver cleansing herbs, liver tonics and certain teas. Implementing the right food does not only help the liver but also strenghen it. The liver gallbladder flush is an other natural and easy way to release congestion.

The Kidneys work constantly to cleanse your blood. The blood flows each hour about 20 times through your kidneys. The waste and toxins that are filtered out are eliminated in the urine.

The kidneys need lots of water to flush out these impurities so the simplest way to improve the kidneys is to drink plenty of pure water every day. Herbal teas that have a diuretic effect like dandelion leaf are very beneficial. Juice fasting is also good for the kidneys.

The Skin makes up around 30% of the body's purification process. The sweat and sebaceous glands are responsible for excreting toxins and metabolic waste such as uric acid and salt. The skin does also a great job with cleansing out heavy metals and other enviromental pollutants.

Keeping the skin clean and stimulating its function regularly is the basis for good health.

There are various easy ways to improve the skin's work and release of toxins. Sweating the toxins out through a detox bath is a wonderful relaxing way. Other helpful treats are sauna, contrast shower, detox body wraps and detoxing foot bath.

The Lungs make up the fifth organ of the total body cleanse. The lungs supply the blood with oxygen and extract the waste product carbon dioxide and release it through breathing. Poor diet, air pollution and shallow breathing may lessen its efficient work.

Everything that increases the normal rate of respiration supports the liver like physical activites, deep breathing excercise, yoga, and walking. A Steam Bath moisturises the lungs which helps to loosen up waste secretion. Anti-oxidants protect against air pollution. Vitamin C and E, Beta-carotene and selenium are great anti-oxidants.

In addition, there are two more internal cleansing channels, the Blood and the Lymph System. They cleanse throughout the body but do not have their own elimination channels. They pass the toxins and debris on to the other detox organs to be excreted from the body.

It is best to do a total body cleanse by addressing the organs in the same sequence as I have explained them above: Colon, Liver, Kidney, Skin and Lungs.

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