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The Tongue scraper is a
great little tool for oral hygiene

Tongue scraping is a quick and easy method to clean the tongue of toxins in the mouth. It removes germs and bacteria in the mouth that build up over night or during sleep time.

The practice of tongue cleansing with a Tongue scraper is widely used in Asia as part of the daily oral hygiene. In recent year it has gained popularity in the western world too in addition to our high standard of oral care.

Benefits of Tongue scraping

Tongue scraper
The yellow or white coating of the tongue is an accumulation of bacteria and food debris which should be cleansed out. Normal tooth brushing and flossing does not erease this plaque which is usually more severe in the back of the tongue.

Bacteria and toxic debris produce a bad breath and it is said to increase tooth decay. And even more, researches have indicated that these bacteria in the mouth may also contribute to heart problems and other diseases.

Cleaning the tongue releases bad breath in the morning and helps in aleviating halitosis altogether. Doing it on a regular basis enhances the sense of taste in the mouth.

It is also a very useful practice combined with other detox methods like colon detox. And, I highly recommend doing it during a prolonged juice fasting as this often causes bad breath in the mouth.

Scraping the tongue instead of using a commercial mouth wash has the advantage that this procedure does not dry out the mouth.

When and how often to do?

It should be done on a regular basis once every day. The best time to do it is in the morning or after a longer sleep. Like Oil Pulling, you do it first thing after waking up, before drinking anything and before breakfast.

Note: Doing it with an ordinary tooth brush is not recommended. It does not remove micro-organism properly. An other thing is, that you can not clean and dry the tooth brush properly as needed. For that you do need a good tongue scraper designed especially for that.

Instruction for Tongue scraping

Hold the end of the tongue cleaner in one hand. If you use a u-shaped one, it is better to hold it with both hands, each end with one hand. Open your mouth and stretch your tongue out. Place the curved part as far back of your tongue as possible and with light pressure, gently and smoothly scrape it forwards to the front of the tongue. Rinse the scraper under hot running water. You can do it a few more times, but always between, rinse the scraper. That is it, easy and quick.

Important: Make sure, you clean and dry the scraper thoroughly after using.

What to consider when you buy a tongue scraper

There are two things you should look at when buying one. It should be practical to use, the right size for your mouth and easy for cleansing and drying.

Tongue scrappers do not cost much and they come in various shapes and styles. Most used are the u-shaped ones , which I think, are the best ones.

Traditionally they are made out of sterling silver or copper. These days they are also available in plastic or rubber, stainless steel and other materials. They are all good and it is a personal choice deciding upon the material.

Sterling silver is the best choice for tongue scraping, because the metal silver itself has anti-bacterial properties. What is also important is that you look for one with a reinforced hand grip so that it does not slip between your fingers.

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