One Day Detox

Grapes for 1 day detox

An easy way to detox at home

Does your body feel a bit weak and your bowel sluggish? A one day detox may just be what your body needs. Most of us eat more often than not, heavy and fatty meals, preserved or fast food and eating in a rush.

Giving the intestinal trakt a rest for a day is a mild and simple way to let the body cleanse and rebalance. It suits people who do not like to follow an extensive detox programm, but still want to do something good for their body.

How can you do a one day detox?

You choose one day of the week, where you rely only on healthy and light food. It is actually sort of semi-fasting with juices. It does not mean, you have to starve. The goal is, to satisfy and nourish your stomach with a healthy and fresh diet, giving it a rest from the not so healthy menu.

You then repeat the detox day every week over a few months. It does not really matter which day (working or not working), as long as you can stick to the detox diet.

For example, my detox day is always Monday. I found this the most convenient day for me. One reason for that is, that the local food store stocks up always on Monday with fresh food. That means I get fresh vegetables. They do fill up some other days too, but that can vary.

Your one day detox diet should consist of only:

  • fresh fruits and fruit juices
  • fresh raw vegetables and vegetable juices
  • herbal and fruit teas

What kind of food do you have to avoid? Everything else, especially no bread, no meat, no fat, no sweets, no coffee and no alcohol.

Which fruits and vegetables to choose?

Feijoas for 1 Day Detox
Best is to make fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Otherwise, buy organic products or “honestly” juiced juices that are pure and without added sugar. Keep some whole fruits that you can eat for meals.

Choose some fruits with high water content like grapes, watermelon, kiwi fruit, peaches, cherry etc. for eating. They increase the cleansing process. Use apples, pears, pineapples, oranges, grapefruit for juicing. Mix them together or make them separatly, whatever you prefer.

Good detox and cleanse juices from vegetables are carrots, cucumber, beet, celery. Again, you can mix them. Should some juices taste to strong, just dilute them with water. Juice from cucumber is smooth and light and helps to cleanse the kidney. You can (but you do not have to) have both, fruit and vegetable juices, on the same detox day.

Drink the juices during the day, whenever you feel thirsty and eat some fruit whenever you like. Drink and eat as much as you want so you do not get hungry.

The herbal teas are for drinking “between” and for the evening. Since the other drinks are all cold, the teas are a warming up. Around 3 hours before you go to sleep, stop with juices and sip only herbal tea. Drinking juices (which are vitamin bombs) in the evening may hinder you falling asleep in the night.

Additional Tips to get the most out of it

Here are some ideas what you can include in your body cleanse day:

  • Take a Detox Bath with Ginger, Epsom Salt, Algae or Clay.

  • Dry brush or exfoliate your skin.

  • Take a walk and do some deep breathing.

  • Book for a relaxing massage or foot reflexology.

  • Get pampered with a relaxing facial and enjoy a cleansing mask.

  • Sweat the toxins out in a sauna bath.

  • Meditate or do some Yoga exercises.

Last but not least, try to avoid any stress. Stress does interrupt the cleansing process. Let your body rest so it can restore itself.

Do your best and enjoy your one day detox!

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