Natural Colon Detox

Use Herbs and other Natural Remedies
to Detoxify your Colon

Natural Colon Detox Herbs

Natural colon detox is all about gentle and safe ways to improve bowel function and regulate intestinal flora.

An unhealthy colon can cause many ailments not only in the colon but in the whole body. Some of these examples are muscle and back pain, headache, body odor and allergies, just to name a few. It is often overlooked that the cause of those symptoms may lie in the intestinal tract.

A large number of Bacteria are living naturally in the GI Tract. They are needed for digestion of food. Simply said, there are two types of bacteria, the good beneficial bacteria and the bad bacteria. Healthy bacteria is important for the absorption of vitamins and proteins, for the production of vitamin B and for the immune system.

Do we not take it for granted that the colon is functioning properly without taking special care of it? Yes, as long as we do not feel any discomfort.

Mucous forming Food
An unhealthy colon begins when the intestinal flora gets out of balance. Bad bacteria start to grow and the amount of healthy ones shrink. Antibiotics for example can damage the microorganism in the colon. If you do have to take antibiotics you definitely benefit from detoxing and rebuilding your intestinal flora.

Fat, milk products and food made from white flours are so called mucus building food.

A high intake can lead to an over build up of Mucoid Plaque in the bowel. It clogs up the intestinal walls and may cause malnutrition. Natural colon detox helps to cleanse out this mucus.

How to do Natural Colon Detoxification

A proper bowel cleanse consists of the following 3 steps:

1. Reducing the intake of toxins

The first steps is probably the hardest one. Reducing Food Toxins in the first place means changing the diet. Try to increase the amount of fresh food, preferably buy organic. Avoid processed and fast food as much as you can.

Drink plenty of pure water. Water is a great cleanser that helps to flush out toxins. Avoid drinking chlorinated water as it may damage the intestinal flora.

2. Removing waste and toxins from the colon

Enema for Colon Detox
One way to flush out old fecal matter and mucus is with Colonics or Enemas. They are especially helpful if you are constipated.

An other possibility is to take a Bulk-forming Fibre like psyllium husk. It helps with eliminating waste and mucus that has built up. Through my own experience I would only recommend taking it, if you are not constipated. Even though, it is said, that it works as a light laxative as well, it can cause constipation if you do not drink enough water with it.

Clay such as fullers earth (Bentonite) can be taken orally as a chelating agent. It absorbs toxins and removes impurities from the colon.

Important: There are various kinds of clay for internal and external use. When you buy clay for Colon Detox, make sure you buy food grade clay.

Salt Water Flush is an other healthful method to cleanse out the digestive tract. You only need water and sea salt for the process. So it costs almost nothing and you do not need to buy something extra, as you probably have salt at home anyway.

A variety of Cleansing Herbs are known to promote bowel movements. Some of these Herbs are fennel seeds, senna leaves, pepper mint and dandelion. You can take them as supplements in form of pills/capsuls or as a tea.

3. Rebuilding a healthy intestinal environment

Raw and fresh Food generally has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. A good balance between raw and cooked food should be eaten. That means, at least half or more of your meal should consist of raw food like salad, vegetables and fruits.

A very important step is to rebuild the useful bacteria in the gut. The most common ones are Probiotics. They are found in fermented food and drinks like live yoghurt, sauerkraut and kombucha. These foods help in maintaining a healthy intestinal flora. Taking Probiotic supplements is an easy way to promote good bacteria in the colon.

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