Natural Body Detox

Gentle and simple ways to
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Natural Body Detox

Natural Body Detox means supporting the body's own elimination to cleanse out toxins and waste without harmful drugs, hence, in a natural way. Since ancient time people have been practicing natural body cleansing and purifying methods to aleviate ailments and improve their health. Examples of that are the different processes of sweating, bathing, fasting or herbal remedies.

Methods like oil pulling, tongue scraping or skin brushing are little natural detox treats that do not require much time or effort. And they can easily be integrated into the daily “body cleansing” routine. Other procedures may take more time to do, but they are very relaxing like sauna and baths.

Natural Body Detox Methods

Oil Pulling or Oil Gargling

A simple and low cost treatment. It is done by swishing oil in the mouth every day for about 20 minutes. It is said to cleanse the mouth of unhealthy bacteria which may have an negative impact on the whole body.

Tongue Scraping

The tongue scraper is a a great little device for removing accumulated germs and digestive toxins on the tongue. Tongue scraping is easiy and quick, done in less then a few minutes which makes it suitable even for busy people. It is a superb tool in addition to the daily oral care and also to other cleansing methods like fasting or colon detox.

For more information on tongue cleansing, how it works, benefits and what to look for when you buy one, see Tongue Scraping.

Clay Detoxification - Internal and External Cleansing

A truly all natural and safe detoxifying remedy. Clay has amazing properties. It adsorbs toxins as well as supplying the body with essental minerals. You can use Clay internally to cleanse the colon or externally for bathing and body wraps.

Detox Body Wraps - Clay, Mud, Algae

An other wonderful tool for detoxing naturaly. Ingredients such as clay, mud, moor or algae are used to cleanse and nourish the body through the skin. Detox Body Wraps are gentle and very relaxing treats.

Dry Skin Brushing - Exfoliation of Skin

Brushing the skin with a natural bristle removes dead skin cells, enhances blood and lymph circulation and therefore stimulates the natural detoxification process through skin. Dry Skin Brushing is also a fantastic tool which you can easily incorporate into your daily personal hygiene.

Foot Detox

Make yourself a lovely Detox Foot Soak or sleep your toxins out with Detox Foot Patches.

Ayurveda Threatments

The medical science of Ayurveda is an other natural way to detoxify. The process to cleanse and purify the body is called Panchakarma. It consists of a combination of different treatments. Depending on your health, the therapy may include massages, baths, special diet, herbs and oils.

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