Nasal Cleansing with a Neti Pot

A simple method to cleanse your nose of pollutants

Nasal cleansing is a simple technique that can be done at home. It is practiced as part of the cleansing process in the ayurvedic medicine where it is called “jala neti” (jala = water, neti = cleansing).

The nasal irrigation can alleviate symptoms of colds, sinus problems, nasal allergies It moisturizes the nasal passage and increases the sense of odor and taste. If you live in a high air polluted area (city, near air port or highway) or work in a room with air conditioning you may greatly benefit from this treatment.

It is also said to clear the eyes and may even improve the vision when it is done on a regular basis. It can be easily integrated into the daily routine. After practicing it a few times, it only needs a couple of minutes to be done.

How to do a Nasal Cleanse

The nasal flush is usually done with an saline solution i.e. salt water. The salt to be used should be pure and natural sea salt, without any additives. You can make the saline solution yourself (see instruction below) or you can buy a manufactured isotonic solution.

Traditionally, it is practiced with a special pot which is called a neti pot. The pot is made out of ceramic, glass or metal and looks like an “Aladdin's lamp” (it looks cute!). There are also other nasal irrigation kit and systems that can be bought in health shops or online.

Prepare the salt water in an other jug or pot. Put 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 litre warm water. Stir well until the salt is dissolved. Fill the neti pot with the saline solution. The procedure is best done over a sink or basin.

Lean your head to one side. Insert the spout of the pot gently into the upper nostril and let the water flow through it and out of the other nostril.

Important: Have your mouth wide open during the process and breathe through your mouth. Fill the pot again with salt water and do the same on the other nostril.

Does the procedure sound uncomfortable? It is not, and it is painless. A few people experience a stinging sensation in the nose during the process. This can be the case either because the water is to warm or to much salt has been added to the water.

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