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How to detoxify body
This site gives you useful tips on how to detox your body the right way. When you start detoxing your body consider integrating the 4 steps I have listed below. Adding those steps enhances your cleansing experience.

Step 1 - Do not put in more Toxins

Before you start any body detox regime you should first look at where you can lessen toxic chemicals entering your body. There is no point doing a cleansing and filling up the body with unhealthy substances at the same time. Eat more fresh food, salad, steamed vegetables instead of fried and other heavy meals.

Water is very important for the body. It helps to purge out unwanted matter. Drink enough pure and clean water. Do not drink tap water that is treated with fluor, chlorine or other toxic chemicals.

Be conscious of what you use as your body care products, like body creams and shampoo etc.. The skin absorbs toxins too. Read the label and avoid products with endless synthetic chemicals and fillers in it. Household cleaning agents are other toxin-bombs. Choose eco-friendly products instead. They are better for you and the environment.

Step 2 - Stress produces Toxins too

It is often overlooked that too much stress can impair the natural cleansing process and when your body is stressed it also produces Body Toxins. Getting around stress is not always easy but luckily there are many useful treats that help to keep stress at bay.

Anything that has a calming effect is beneficial. Massage, Yoga, Meditation or breathing excercises like alternate nostil breathing, all helps in reducing stress.

If you drink lots of coffee, cut down with it. Instead drink teas that have a calming effect like Camomile, Lime-tree and Rhodiola.

Step 3 - Go with the Pace of Your Body

As a build up of toxins does not happen overnight neighter does cleansing it out. If you want to cleanse thoroughly it needs some time. If you push your body too much you may experience unplesant detox symptoms. Start slowly with one detox program at the time.

Step 4 - Let your Body Recharge and Rebalance

When you sleep your body works on recharging and rebalancing it's system. Make sure, you give yourself enough rest. Not every person requires the same amount of sleep. Do you constantly have difficulty in the morning getting out of bed? Still feeling tired? Give yourself half an hour more night sleep or have an extra afternoon rest. Listen to your body!

Below is a summary on how to detox your body with all the various types of detoxification available. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, one or the other may be more convenient to you. Take a look at each of them. It gives you an overall view with a brief description helping to find the right one for you.

Saunas / Dry Sauna / Infrared Sauna / Steam Sauna

Sweating is a great way to detox your body. Saunas have a long tradition. Sauna stimulates and increases the natural detoxification process through the largest detox organ, the skin. Many health professionals recommend saunas. The health benefits of sauna are scientifically proven.

Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy / Enema / Coffee Enema

The practice of colon hydrotherapy uses water to cleanse the entire colon. It helps to flush out old and clogged up debris and faecal matter. Colonics is carried out by a certified colon hydrotherapist and the session takes around half to one hour. The client lies on a table and the water is applied into the anus.

Enemas can be easily self-applied at home. The system is more or less the same as colonics except that, the enema reaches only the lower part of the colon. Some herbs like chamomile can be added to the water. Coffee Enema is said to help in detoxing the liver.

Detox Diets / Raw Food Detox

Juice Detox / Detox Drinks / Detox Tea / Herbal Detox

They are mainly composed to address certain ailments and its organs (liver, colon, kidney, gallbladder) either individually or combined. Some diet plan can be integrated or added to your usual diet, but most of them need diet changes and commitment.

Common Detox Diets are: Lemon Juice Detox (Master Cleanse), Cabbage Soup Diet, Acid-Alkaline Diet, Raw Food Diet

Fasting Detox

Fasting has been practiced for centuries mostly as a religious act. Nowadays it is practiced around the world as a means of cleansing, detoxing and healing. More on that on the page Fasting Detox (see navigation bar).

Full Body Detox / Total Body Cleanse

Total Body Cleanse refers mainly to different programs or plans based on a combination of detox diet, herbs and teas. It is done over a length of time to cleanse and support the major organs (Colon, Liver, Skin, Kidney, Lungs, Blood, Lymph).

Fasting, Sauna, Detox Kits and supplement packages are considered as full body detox too.

Detox Kits / Detox and Cleanse Supplements / Packages

An other great way how to detox your body. Many supplements and packages are on the market to choose from. A combination of herbs, minerals, vitamins and fibre are designed to address certain cleansing processes (colon and liver cleanse, heavy metal detox). They are very practical, especially for busy people.

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