Heavy Metal Detox

Know how to naturally
detoxify heavy metals from your body

The growing concern of heavy metal toxicity has led to heavy metal detox. We are all exposed to some sort of toxins in more or less amounts. The question is, can the body deal with it? Well, the problem lies in the amount, the long term exposure and the accumulation of this substances in the body.

Scientists and physicians have shown evidence
that these toxins can affect our health and well being.

Stess, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and other circumstances weaken the body's natural detoxification process. What the body can not eliminate gets stored and accumulated over the time.

It is not surprising that many health issues fade away by detoxing heavy metals. For example, chronic health issues, that do not respond to any other medicine. Having low energy for no apparent reason is a common sign of metal poisoning.

Toxins disturb and interfere the hormone function and the metabolic activities of the body. Metals are catalysts for oxidation and produce free radicals. It seems, that heavy metals can even block the fertility of a woman. There are some cases reported that, finally a woman got pregnant after a heavy metal cleanse.

The four heavy metals that are of particular concern to human health are Mercury, which is the worst one, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium and Aluminium. The main sources of these toxins are: water, air pollution, food, electric devices, dental amalgam fillings, paint and personal care products.

The list is not complete, it is just to give you an idea. It presents the sources we are mostly exposed to and as you can see, they are all part of our daily lives.

How to test the heavy metal level?

The Hair Mineral Analysis Test gives you an idea about the various Heavy Metal Toxins in the body. It examines the hair samples for the most potentially damaging toxins along with essential nutritional substances like calcium, magnesium and selenium.

It tests between 20 to 30 substances from the body of their level. You do not need to go to a doctor for that. Health shops and pharmacies offer such tests. On the internet you will also find some labs where you can order it. Although, this test is not 100% accurate, it is a good indicator for an overall view.

How to detox heavy metals?

The body can eliminate heavy metal toxins through the intestinal tract (faeces), skin (sweat glands) and kidney (urine). Have a look at the different ways you can do it:

Oral Chelation is a good start. Natural oral chelation means taking an agent that binds (chelates) to the heavy metal components so they can be excreted from the body.

Cilantro (Coriander or Chinese parsley) is one of the best natural chelator for heavy metals I believe. As far as I know, it is the only natural substance that can cross the blood-brain barrier in the brain. That means, cilanto is able to mobilise and cleanse out toxic deposits in the brain.

Chlorella is rightly called a green superfood. It is not only a great detoxifier, but it also provide a lot of essential minerals, vitamins and proteins. I highly recommend it, especially for vegetarian people (like myself).

Activated Charcoal is an other great and inexpensive supplement to cleanse the colon.

Therapeutic Clay used orally, binds and absorbs waste and toxins in the colon. One such clay is Bentonite. It can also be used externally as a detox bath or for Body Wraps.

Sauna has a long tradition and is known to cleanse the body and improve health.

The Ionic Foot Bath is a relaxing and comfortable tool for heavy metal detox.

With any regime of heavy metal detox, make sure, you drink enough water and you nourish your body properly with essential vitamins and minerals.

However, if there is a heavy and long term build up of heavy metals in the body it may need a complex treatment under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner who specializes in heavy metal detox.

To sum it up... Those are all valuable and great natural tools for heavy metal detox and to prevent a accumulation of these chemicals. I like to use the one or the other method every now and again to detox the body of heavy metals.

However, if there is a massive build up of heavy metals in the body it may need a complex treatment under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner who specializes in heavy metal detox.

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