Foot detoxification

Why detoxing through the feet?

Foot Detoxification

The approach of foot detoxification differs in a few ways from other detox methods available. Detoxing through feet has the advantage that it works on the bio-energetic and cellular level as well.

The Idea Behind Foot Detox

Detoxing through the foot has its root in the natural chinese medicine of acupuncture and reflexology. In this doctrine the foot is highly regarded because it has unique properties. It is believed that the feet are like a “mirror”, a reflection of the entire system.

Special points (acupunct points) and zones are related to the internal organs and the full body. Most of the meridians (energy channels, chi) are ending on the sole. Although, the foot makes up only a small part of the whole body, yet 1/6 of the acupuncture points are located on the sole. Its unique properties makes it a potent zone to treat the whole body.

The skin in general is a “breathing” organ which regulates, absorbes and excretes substances.

Try out this test:
Peel a big clove of garlic and cut in half. Rub it with the cut edge rigorously over the sole of your feet. You may soon have a taste of garlic in your mouth. It simply shows how quickly the skin absorbs substances and corresponds through out the foot.

The skin is one of the main detox organs, metabolic waste like uric acid and other toxins are eliminated through the skin. Strong body odor is a typical sign of toxin elimination. The sweet glands in particular play an important role in the detoxification of the body.

Looking at the physical structure of the sole, it contains the highest number of sweat glands (beside the hands and forehead) compared to the rest of the skin.

The skin is one of the detoxification channels. Metabolic waste like uric acid and other water soluble toxins are eliminated through the skin. Strong body odor is a typical sign of waste removal.

Interestingly, the body tends to push excess toxins into the foot (and fat tissue of the body) for safety reasons. It tries to get it away as far as possible from the heart and other organs to parts where toxins do less damage to the body.

Constant stress and tension in the body alters its natural cleansing process. Batheing the feet in warm water has always a calming effect, it helps to release stress and tension, and clearly, the body regenerates much better in a relaxed state.

How does Foot Detoxification work with the Ionic Foot Bath

The Ionic Foot Bath utilizes these extraordinary abilities of the feet to accelerate detoxification in the body.

During the ionic foot spa session only some toxins are immediately released through the sweat glands of the foot. As the ionic spa bath stimulates the whole body, elimination then takes place naturally through the other detox channels (blood, lymph, colon, urine ect.).

It is important to understand, that foot detoxification does not mean, that toxins are only released through the foot.

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