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Fasting is probably the most natural way to cleanse your body and restore to normal health. When you stop eating solid food, your organs and your system can regenerate and heal.

In other words, when you go on a fast your “inner doctor” can do its job properly without getting disturbed.

Going without food for an extended time may sound like starving. This is usually not the case, instead you probably experience a great release from having to eat.

Many health issues are due to poor or bad dietary habits like addictions to certain foods, overconsumption, relying on junk food and eating in a hurry. Often, we are not even aware of our unhealthy choices and cravings. We tend to eat in a certain way and “thinking” it is good for the body, even though it is not, because we have lost our natural instinct to listen to our body. If we could listen to our inner voice and feel what is good for us, we certainly would make better food choices.

A personal note: I remember as a child when I was lying in bed because of a flu, I would refuse to eat any meal, even though, my dear mother would have cooked my favourite dish (spaghetti with tomato sauce) or whatever I liked. The only desire I had was drinking herbal tea and sleeping, nothing else, until I had recovered from the flu. I was instinctively fasting to let my body heal itself.

Digestion is hard work for the body and it needs a lot of energy to do so. That is why we sometimes feel tired after eating especially after heavy fatty meals. Once you take that burden away by drinking only fresh juices or teas, the body can work more smoothly on the whole organism, rebuilding and cleansing out metabolic waste.

Reasons for Fasting

At the first glance, it is some what like a bodily “spring clean”. Indeed, spring is a good time for it, as we tend to accumulate more waste in the body during the colder season of the year. It is an excellent tool to maintain and enhance your vitality. After a few days on a fast you can expect to feel a sense of increased energy, clearer mind and well-being in general. More Benefits of Fasting.

Fasting for health can be a truly rewarding experience, alleviating various physical and mental conditions. It has been shown to help especially for people who are suffering frorm stomach problems, constipation, arthritis, rheumatic conditions, high blood pressure, asthma, addictions, sleep problems, overweight. It may also ease mental challenges like mild depression and mood swings.

I like to emphasize that you should only fast at home if you are generally in good health. I highly recommend that you seek advice from a qualified health professional if you do suffer from health problems.

Specialized Natural Medical Clinics and Spa Resorts do offer fasting for health retreats such as Juice Fasting, Buchinger Method or F.X. Mayr Fasting Therapy. It provides a more safe environment under a qualified supervisor and the therapy is tailored to your physical conditions.

Does Fasting aids Weigh Loss?

Yes, it follows naturally and there are two reasons for it. An average person holds an estimated 5 - 20 pounds assimilated food in the intestinal tract. During the course of fasting these pounds are cleansed out and so your body weight reduces. Also, after a few days without food your body switches automatically to its inner source of “fuel” and uses up stored fats.

Fasting at Home - DIY

Although, you can do it, keep in mind that doing it at home is not for everybody as mentioned above. You also should consider a few things first before you embark on it. If you do have to cook for familiy members it may be difficult for you to withstand the delicious smell of food. A pantry stocked up with cookies, chocolate and other sweets may also tempt you to reach for them. Please see Detox Fasting for more information on preparing and planning.

To sum it up... Fasting for health is a relatively simple and low cost method to prevent discomfort and alleviate various diseases.

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