Dry Skin Brushing

A simple and valuable technique
to enhance your detox system.

Dry Skin Brush

Dry skin brushing is done in just a few minutes and you can easily include it in your daily body hygiene routine. The skin is a breathing organ which absorbs substances from outside and eliminates waste from within the system. Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis helps to keep the pores free of impurities to maintain this necessary process.

How does dry skin brushing work?

First, it removes dead cells and impurities on the outer layer of your skin which encourages the renewal of new cells. Gentle stroking the skin boosts the lymphatic flow. Lymph fluid collects toxins from the system and transports it to the liver and kidney where it can be neutralized and eliminated.

Rubbing towards the heart stimmulates the blood circulation. A good circulation is important for good health. It improves the supply of oxygen into the Body. Waste in the connective tissue looses up and gets removed more swiftly. You may feel more enegetic and fresher afterwards and the skin looks younger and healthier.

Effects of dry skin brushing

  • It increases the effect of detoxification through the skin.
  • It helps to slow down the aging process and reducing wrinkles.
  • May reduce cellulite if done regularly.
  • The skin looks younger and healthier.
  • You may feel more enegetic and fresher afterwards.

Skin exfoliation should also be done during a course of detox fasting. During a fast a lot of toxic waste is released through the skin. So, it is important to support this process.


What you need for it

All you need is a suitable soft brush, preferabely made with natural fibre bristle. You can buy them in health shops or pharmacies. Look for one with a long handle so you can reach all parts of your body especially your back. Very handy are the ones with a removable handle so you can use the bristle alone on the legs and arms where firmer pressure is needed.

Loofah sponges are an other natural alternative to bristles, but do have one disadvantage. You can not reach some parts of your back.

When is the best time to do it

To get the most out of it, it is recommended to do it every day. After the dry skin brush you should take a shower so it is best to do it just before your regular daily shower in the morning. That way you will not forget doing it. Also, it saves you some time with undressing and dressing and you do not need extra showering.

Are you used to showering in the evening just before going to sleep? If you dry brush your skin then it may or may not hinder you falling asleep because of the enhanced effect on the blood circulation. Try it out and see if it prevents you from falling asleep or not.

Make sure, your bathroom is comfortably warm. Get undressed and do it either in the shower, bath tub or by covering the floor with an old towel and standing on it. You do the whole body except the head. Other exeptions I will explain further down.

How to dry skin brush

You start with your feet and legs. Gentle but firmly stroke 3 - 5 times over each part of the skin. Just give enougth pressure so that it still feels comfortable. A good sign for enougth pressure is when the skin's color changes to light redish. It indicates increased blood circulation.

It is also important that you always brush towards the heart. For example, when you do your legs, you have to stroke towards the abdomen not towards the foot.

Do not forget to do the back side of your legs and the sole of the foot as well.

Next do your arms, starting with the lower arms and then the upper arms, front and back. Again, stroke from the hands towards shoulder. Move forward to the abdominal and breast area. Finally do the back of your body as good as you can. Done!

Important: Avoid any sensitive areas on your skin. Do not brush over injured, infected or irritated skin. Do not do dry skin brushing if you suffer high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes. Check with your doctor first.

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