Detox Symptoms

What you should know
you start any Body Detox Method

You may have already find a detox method which you would like to try or you think, this is the one your body needs. Your are very excited and would like to start immediately. But before you start, you should consider a few things:

  • Make sure, it is safe for you. Consult your physician or health practitioner if you are in doubt. For example, if you have serious heart problems, dry sauna may not be suitable for your health condition.
  • Body Detox is not a substitute for medical treatments. If you have to take medication, again, check with your doctor.
  • If you choose to go on a certain detox diet plan, make sure, you can integrate it into your daily schedule and you are able to follow the plan.
  • Keep in mind, that some detox diets or treatments stimulate the urinary or intestinal tracts. So make sure, you will not be sitting in an important meeting with an urgent need to go to the loo.....
  • Last but not least, it is important to know what side effects may occur and what you can do about it.

What are the detox symptoms?

Let me tell you first the good news, you may not experience any unplesant side effects at all or they may be only mild. It may happens, when the detoxifying process is to fast for the body to cope with it.

That happens especially in the case of a body overloaded with toxins. What kind of symptoms you may experience depends also on the detox method you do. The most common symptoms are: headache, irritability, tiredness, malaise, nausea, vomiting, body odor, joint and muscle pain.

I mentioned already, usually the symptoms are mild and are only temporary. Remember, it often is a sign, that the body is releasing toxins.

What you can do about it

Here are a few tips to ease unpleasant side effects:

Body Detox Side Effects
Go for a walk at the beach or in a park and take some fresh air. Make sure, you breathe properly (deep breathing).

Have a rest, meditate or relax and listen to some calming music or go to sleep, so the body can heal and recover.

Increase the amount of pure plain water which helps to flush out the released toxins and waste. And it often brings relief from headaches.

A few people experience severe or intolerable symptoms. Examples are, during mercury detox, colon cleanse or fasting. Ask your health practitioner for advice, if he/she has set you on a detox program and you suffer major healing crisis.

If you are on a prepared cleansing programm (Detox Kit), read the instruction and see, what it recommends to do if side effects occur. There may even be a help line which you can call.

However, if you are not able to get advice, I would recommend slowing down with the detox process or even stop completely. There may be other causes beside detox symptoms your body is struggling with, whatever that may be. So its better, not to force the process and set your health at risk.

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