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Cleanse and detoxify with delicious fresh Juices

Detox Juice made out of fresh fruits and vegetables are powerful drinks that help flushing out toxins and waste and nourish the body. A glas of fresh juice contains much more nutrients then eating a whole fruit or some vegetables because it is more concentrated. For example 5 to 6 apples make a glas of juice. It is easier to drink a glas of juice in one time then eating 5 apples.

It is much easier and less work load for the digestive tract to absorb nutrients from juices. The body converts the absorbed enzymes, vitamins and minerals into other substances that are needed to neutralize and cleanse out toxins and waste from the system.

Vitamin C for example is a great helper for detoxification. It is an antioxidant that helps to protect the cells against the free radicals. It stimulates the detoxifying enzymes in the liver. And it also works in the bowel neutralizing some toxins that are present there.

The best ingredients for detox juice

The fruits, vegetables and herbs listed below are all great for cleansing and detoxing the body. Sure, you can mix it with other vegis and fruits that are not on the list. It is best to make and drink the juices first in the morning. Wait at least 20 minutes before your drink coffee, tea or eat breakfast.

Super-Fruits for detoxing

Great Antioxidant, increases lung function and contains Vitamins A, B, C. Apples make a good base for mixing with other juices.

Low in calories, antioxidant, essential minerals. Because of its high water content, it makes a great juice for weight loss.

Grapes are similar to Watermelon, containing Vitamins A, B, C and 13 essential minerals.

Citrus fruits
They are all good with lots of vitamins. Lemon juice has the best effect for detox.

Kiwi fruit
Rich in Vitamin C and digestive enzymes

Balances the ph-level and contains the enzym bromelain which helps to cleanse out mucoid plaque.

Very high antioxidant.

Vitamin C, Antioxidant. Supports the lymphatic system.

Great Vegetables for detoxing

Anti-oxidant. verry nutritional. Carrots make also a good base like the apples.

Vitamin A, B, C. Celery helps alkalizing the body.

Vitamin A and C. A great cleanser. The high water content helps with weight loss.

Blood cleanser, high iron content.

Boosts the immune system.

Beetroot offers fantastic health benefits and should be on the juice list. But beetroot used raw does have a very strong taste. If you mix it with other vegetables use it sparingly unless you ador it over all. And just to remind you, consuming beetroot leads to a red urine, so in case, don't panic.

Greens and Herbs/Spices

Antioxidant. A mild laxative. Helps cleansing out parasites.

Vitamins, Iron. Stimulates the liver.

Helps detoxing heavy metals.

Vitamin A, B2, C.

Stimulates the kidneys and cleanses the blood.

Aids the digestion.

Spirulina and Chlorella
Powerful cleansers and rich in essential minerals.
Add them (use the powdered form) to the juices you drink.

Anti-bacterial and antioxidant and blood cleanser.

Delicious and healthy detox juice recipe

Apple-Carrot Juice
This is a simple recipe that propably everybody loves.
5 apples
1 - 2 carrots
add a few slices of ginger or fresh basil leaves

Simple Yummi One
Pineapple is a great cleanser and acid/alkaline balancer.
3 - 4 apples
1/4 Pineapple
1 slice of ginger

Vegi combo
1/2 cucumber
1/4 beet root
2 carrots
1 stalk celery

Tutti Frutti
1 Grapefruit
3 Kiwi Fruit
1/4 Pineapple
1 Hand full Cranberries

Try to make your own detox juice recipe with your favourite ingredients. Combine 2 or 3 fruits or vegetables and add some more of one or the other until you are satisfied with it.

You will be surprised by the yummi tasty and unique juices you will get. Preferably, do only use the fruits or vegetables that you like, because it is importend that you enjoy it to drink.

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