My experiences
with Detox Juice Fast


Explaining the various ways I have done

The information on this page is about my own experiences I have had with detox juice fast. I have been fasting a few times, such as water and juice fast on my own and in a group on a retreat so far.

I will explain, how I did it, how I felt during and after the fast and what problems turned up. Sure, everybody is different and unique and so are their experiences. What I outline here is meant to give you just some ideas of how it can be.

How all started

My first experiment with fasting happend around 15 years ago. I got to know about it through my sisters (thanks to my sisters). They have been fasting already and both enjoyed it and felt always great afterwards.

One of my sister once visited me and gave me a little book about detox juice fast. Sure, I was very interested in it and wanted to try it out too. I am a curious person and I do like to try things out and experience it myself.

My first water fasting

So I went through the little book that explainded the basics about Detox Juice Fast. It was actually more a sort of water fasting combined with tea. Juices were only briefly mentioned. Anyway, a couple of days later I decided to go on a 3 day water fast.

Epsom Salt
I started my first day with some sort of salt water that acts as a laxative. Shortly after, my bowel made some gurgling noices. That meant, I had to run to the toilet. During the day I drank only water. That worked well and I didn't feel hungry at all.

Disturbing thoughts - What did happen later in the evening was that, thoughts like: “I must be hungry now and I think I realy have to eat something” went through my mind. Still, I wasn't hungry and tried to think of something else.

I had a good night sleep and the next morning I began the day again with the salt water laxative. Later in the morning I got a bit nervous and felt, that I am missing something. It was the coffee, that turned up in my mind. I sipped on my water and pretended it was coffee. The day went by without being hungry.

I reached my firth day

On the firth day of fasting I woke up with the thought of coffee in my mind. I drank some water and pretended it was coffee like I did the day before.

But this time, I wasn't satisfied with the water any more. The feeling of having a cup of real coffee stuck in my mind and didn't go away. I just wanted a cup of my delicious coffee.

All sorts of thoughts went through my mind, that gave me some reasons to drink a cup of coffee. Why I am fasting at all? I need a coffee. It is not the right time now for fasting and so on. And guess what, I couldn't resist my need for coffee and drank one.

Sure, I didn't feel better physically, my stomach wasn't happy about it and I felt sick. But I felt much better emotionally, because I had satisfied my urgend feeling for coffee. I had to eat something to calm down my stomach and yes, that was the end of my first fasting journey.

Conclusion: I simply failed on my first attempt. I do think, it was, because I did it solely out of curiousity, and I didn't prepare myself much for it. I forgot about it and a few years went by until a friend reminded me again of detox juice fasting.

My successful water and juice fasting

I decided to go on a 3 day water fasting again for a start and planned to extend it if all went well. I bought some more books to get a better understanding about it. It gave me also some ideas, what else in addition I could do for my body during the fast.

This time I prepared myself better for the first day. After my last coffee the day before I put my coffee machine away in the cupboard. I made a notice on the calendar that I would enjoy my next coffee in 7 days forward.

I started my first day again with salt water. I went for walks, read books, took some detox baths and kept myself busy with things I enjoyed.

The first two days went by smoothly and I felt good. The firth day some disturbing thoughts came up (coffee!), but this time, I could manage it.

In the evening, my body started to feel cold and I decided to have an early night. I went to bed and was some what proud of myself that I had done 3 days only on water. I did braek the fast the next day as I didn't feel the need to do it longer.

The following years I repeated fasting a few times for lengths between 3 to 5 days. I did it mainly in Spring so to say as a Spring Cleanse. I tried it out with fresh fruit and vegetable juices as well.

Usually I stayed at home during these days. One time I went to work and it was ok except, I felt uncomfortable with my strong body odor because of the fasting.

Conclusion: Each fasting was unique in the way I felt and what problems turned up. In general, I always felt refreshed and more energetic afterwards. Most of the time I didn't experience any major side effects or problems. Sometimes I had a bit of a headache and my body temperature did always drop.

Detox Juice Fasting Retreat in a Group

The experience I had with on the Fasting Retreat was different in many ways from the ones I did at home. I attended a 7 day retreat with my friend in a spa resort.

We were a group of about 15 people. Some of them had already experience in fasting and for some it was new (like my friend). The drinks we had were fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable broth.

The first 2 days were for preparing the body for it, then we had the actual 4 days of juice fasting and the last day for breaking fast.

Three times a day we had fresh juices. Vegetable and fruits were mixed together and they were different each time.

The days were filled with lectures about fasting and healthy food, meditation, yoga, enema, massage treatments, and group meetings for discussions. In the afternoon we had time to spend on ourselves.

Conclution: The reason for attending this retreat varied from person to person. The main ones were for health issues, weight loss, food addiction, self-discipline or just out of curiousity.

Home Enema

Only a few got some headache which they could release with a coffee enema. One pure soul had to vomit, and that was my dear friend (sure, I felt sorry for her). But she felt better afterwards and the headache was gone.

It was interesting to see how different everybody's own experience was. I felt, being in a group gave me more strengh that made it even easier to go through the Detox Juice Fast.

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