Detox Foot Patches

Cleanse, refresh and revitalize while you sleep!
As simple as this!

Do you often wake up and still feel tired? Even though, you have had enough sleep? A treat with detox foot patches may be all you need to recharge your energy. The pads are fantastic and easy to use and the extracts are all natural. Before you go to sleep you apply one pouch on each foot and leave it on over night. When you wake up in the morning take them off.

In my “body detox tool box” the patches are my favourite, and I really like them. Not, because they are the latest buzz in the health and detox scene. But because they are so easy to use, very time saving and it is so cosy to have them on over night on the feet.

And, they work! How do I know that? Well, I always feel refreshed and more energetic after using them. And my family and friends, are as much excited about them as I am.

How do they work?

The origin of the detox foot patches is Japan where they have been used for decades. The main active substances are wood vinegar, tourmaline and chitosan with some other ingredients that make it an effective tool to cleanse and balance the body.

Through this combination the effect on the body takes place in different ways. On the physical and energetic level, it absorbs and neutralizes toxins and stiumulates the lymph and blood circulation. Tourmaline emits far infrared rays and negative ions which improves the metabolism, balances the acid-alkaline level in the body and increases the alpha waves in the brain.

Why use the patches on the feet?

For detoxing and energizing it is recommended to apply them on the soles of the feet. They can also be placed on other parts of the body to ease pain and other maladies. Good effects have been indicated for those suffering from joint aches, rheumatoid, arthritis, headache and sleep disorders.

I do not have any experience of this, since I do not have such discomfort and only use the detox pouches every now and again to increase my energy. As far as I know, they are used in hospitals in Japan as part of medical treatments.

Ingredients of Foot Detox Patches

The combination of ingredients varies from brand to brand. I have listed here the most common ones to give you an idea.

Wood vinegar: Making wood vinegar is very costly and involves a long process. It takes over 6 months or more to get the end product. The vinegar is filtered and purified a few times to get its beneficial quality and is then stored for around 6 months to mature. To be used in the detox foot patches the vinegar is further heated, condensed and dried to powder. Wood vinegar is well known and studied for its healing properties.

Tourmaline: Is a gemstone and is best known for its ability to emit far infrared rays. Black tourmaline is specially rich in negative ions.

Chitosan: Chitosan is extracted from the shell of crabs. It acts as a toxin absorber and binder. Some brands use the outer layer of a mushroom instead of chitosan which has the same effect.

Dextrin: Is extracted from corn flour and is needed to bind the other ingredients in the pouches, otherwiese it does not have any healthful effects.

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Additional ingredients may be used in the detox foot patches such as: germanium, agaricus mushroom, vegetable fiber, vitamins, herbs and spices.

Bay the way....
Foot Detox Patches also make a great little and special present to give away for Birthday or Christmas to your loved family or best friends.

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