Detox Fasting

Detox Fasting

Does Fasting mean Starving?

Detox Fasting has a long history in many cultures and religions around the globe. It is a way to cleanse and purify the body and the mind. The word fasting comes literally from holding, observing and guarding. It means absence of any solid food over a longer period.

Starving? No - provided that it is done in the right way.

What is fasting exactly?

When one stops eating, the body switches naturally to its own resources for “fuel”. It starts to use up the stored fat. Since most of the toxic chemicals are stored in the fatty tissues, they get neutralized and cleansed out. The lack of food intake gives also the digestive system a rest, which is a big work release for the body. And so, regenerating and self-healing begins.

I have been detox fasting a few times, both on my own and on a fasting retreat in a group. I share my different attempts on the page Detox Juice Fast. It is meant to give you some idea, how it can be experienced.

What are the different Types of Detox Fasting?

Rational or Water Fasting

This Method requires complete absence of any food, solid or liquid, and drinking water only. It is probably the oldest method and also, the most difficult to attain if done for a prolonged time.

Many well known health advocats were great believers in water fasting like Paracelsus, the famous Swiss physician and alchemist.

Arnold Ehret became a health educator after he cured himself with extended water fasting. He completed several sequences of living on water only, the longest one for 49 days.

However, only healthy people should do water fasting at home. For treating certain health issues, it is recommended to do it in a clinic under medical guidance.

Juice fasting

This is the most popular one these days. It is much easier then water fasting. The liquids for drinking are water, Detox Juice made with fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable broth and teas.

There are various ways to do it, for example only with certain fruit juices or a combination of all. The advantage of this method is, that it still provides the body with vitamins and minerals.

Intermittent Fasting and Alternate Day Fasting


Therapeutic Methods of Fasting for Health

Buchinger Juice Fasting

Dr. Otto Buchinger a medical doctor, went on a 3 week fast to heal him self successfully of rheumatoid arthritis. He later said: “Fasting saved my life”. Despite his own healing experience, he went on setting up a clinic for fasting. This method is basically fasting with juices, tea and broth. Dr. Buchinger emphasized the importance of physical activities during the fast and the mental aspects as well.

F.X. Mayr Fasting

Also known as Mayr Therapy is very popular in Europe where it is offered in clinics and health spas. The name comes from the founder, Dr Franz Xavier Mayr MD, a famous physician in his time.

The fasting process contains consuming only milk and dry white bread (or rolls). An important part of it is, that you must eat and drink very sloooooowly and chew properly. It is said, this way, the milk breaks down in the mouth and does not burden the stomach. Abdominal massages and special breathing excersises are also part of the Mayr fasting cure.

Whey Fasting

It consists of drinking only whey and fruit juices or fermented cabbage juice and water or herbal teas. Whey is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. The containing lactose stimmulates digestion and has a light laxative effect. Whey fasting can interfere with some medication, so it is important to check first with a medical doctor.

* Whey or milk plasma is a watery part of milk.

How to do it

Fasting for more then 3 days does need a bit of self-discipline and has to be planned in advance when done at home. A “mild” way to do it at home is, by having every week once a juice day. It does feel good and it can be integrated into the daily life easily without much planning. Best of all, you do not have to think about, what you should cook!

An other possibility and rewarding experience is to go on a fasting retreat. Wellness Resorts and Health Spa Centers around the globe offer fasting programs. The length of time goes from 3 days to 2 or 3 weeks. Being in a group with like minded people makes it easier to stick with the fast.

Note: Fasting is an effective cleansing and healing method. But you should only fast at home if you are healthy. Any Person with serious health problems should only fast under medical supervision.

When is the best time for fasting?

Spring Flower
Any time is ok. But if you plan to go on a longer fast, it may be better to plan it for a warmer season of the year (For the ones who do not live in a country having all year round summer). The reason for that is, during a fast, the body's temperature drops slightly and you are more sensitive to cold air. Spring is a good time too, to cleanse out some accumulated “winter fat”.

Planing and preparing a Fasting Detox at home

Decide upon when and how many days you want to be on a fast. First time “faster” should plan the fasting days on work-free days because of the fasting crisis that may occur. I have outlined the infos about the fasting crisis and what you can do about it on the page “Juice Fasting Detox”. Please read it before you start with the fasting course. Add a few extra days, just in case you feel really great and want to go on a couple more days.

A few days before you actually start, you have to prepare your digestive tract for the fast. Reduce any heavy and fatty meals (no more french fries, pizzas and fast food...). Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables.

On the first fasting day, you have to cleanse out your colon of faeces and waste either by colonics, enema or laxatives. This is a very important step and answers the question about starving. Washing out the colon first, helps to prevent starving! You should repeat it in the first few days until the colon is really empty.

Drink as much as possible and spread it over the whole day. Alternate between different juices and vegetable, so you don't get bored. Drink plenty of plain water in between too.

Any questions about Detox Fasting?

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