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Detox Body Wraps

Detox Body Wraps not only help to purify your body but also nourish it, and all while you relax. It is really a wonderful way to do something good for yourself.

The skin as the largest organ of the body plays an important roll in the Natural Body Detox process. It takes up around 30% of the body's natural cleansing function. It works like a big filter that absorbs and excretes. Because of that, the skin is often referred to as the third kidney.

How is a Body Wrap done

Natural products such as clay, mud, herbs and minerals are mixed with water or oil and put on the whole skin except the head. Then the body is wrapped up in towels or special thermo blankets (again, without the head) to keep the ingredients moist.

The wrapping is usually left for 30 to 60 minutes. After unwrapping the body the product, which is then often dry, is washed of with a shower.

Body Wrap with Bandage or Compress

This is an other technique of wrapping up the body. It differs in this way, the bandage is first soaked in the liquid (clay, algae etc.) and then applied onto the whole body in a special way.

What are the Benefits

It works in two ways. The ingredients that are applied on the body draw out toxins and impurites from the skin. At the same time the skin gets nourished with essential nutrients.

Detox Wraps are a great addition to other detoxification plans like fasting.

The treatment may also help to reduce cellulite if it is done on a regular basis. It definitely does tone and tighten the skin and leaves a refreshing and healthy look.

It is such an enjoyable and relaxing treat, that it is beneficial for the body and the soul.

Popular Ingredients for Detox Body Wraps

Clay Body Wraps

Clay (Bentonite, Kaolin etc.)
A great absorber for heavy metal toxins.

Seaweed (Algae, Kelp)
Nourishes and revitalizes. Rich in essential minerals and vitamins.

Algae Body Wraps

Mud / Moor
It cleans the pores, stimulates metabolism and eases water retention.

Cucurbita (Pumpkin seed)
Strong water drainage.

Detox Body Wraps

Sole (Crystal Salt)
Rebalancing, cell activating, nourishing minerals.

Herbs / Spices
You can use them on their own or add them to clay and mud wraps to accomplish some more benefits and soothing scents.

Detox Body Wraps

Essential Oils
Only use natural ones not synthetic ones. Mix them with carrier oil.

Carrier oils
Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Macadamia oil

The demand for Detox Body Wraps has steady increased over the last decade. They are offered in health and wellness hotels, spa resorts and in beauty salons all over the world. The treatment is carried out on a massage or treatment table. More etablished resorts may have treatment tables specially designed for body wraps (soft pack or thermo spa).

Alternatively you can do it yourself at home if you prefer. See next Article on the bottom of this page.

If you are allergic to some substances and you choose to go to a spa center for a treatment, please check with the Therapist first to make sure, the used ingredients are ok for you.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, you may want to try this little trick that may help you enjoy a Detox Body Wrap.

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