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Colon Detox

Who needs a Colon Detox?

Colon Detox

A clean and properly working colon is the foundation for good health. Colon Detox is an essential part of maintaining it. The colon's main job is absorbing nutrients from the food and eliminating waste and debris. This works wonderfully when the body is in a healthy state.

Our lifestyle is not very “colon-friendly”

Many factors can disturb this function and many of them are difficult or even impossible to avoid these days. Our lifestyle has changed a lot during the past century. Many of these changes are not very “colon friendly” as you will see further down.

Stress is a major problem that can hinder the colon to digest properly. It is said that more then 30% of people do have a malfunctioning colon.

Symptoms of an unhealthy colon

When the colon is struggling with the elimination, some “mild” symptoms may show up like: constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, excess weight or tiredness. These signs should not be ignored especially if experienced for longer.

If the faecal matter and toxins remain longer in the bowel then they should, auto-intoxication begins which means, the body is poisoning itself. Harmful bacteria, fungus and parasites start to grow in the colon and disturb the healthy intestinal microflora.

Toxins can cause weight gain

Some of the metabolic toxins that can not be eliminated from the system get stored in the tissues which may cause weight gain.

Most of the organs are directly or indirectly connected with the colon and parts of their function rely on that. Did you know that around 80% of the immune system is located in the intestinal tract?

To much Mucus

When the intestinal walls are clogged up with Mucoid Plaque this may impair the body's ability to absorb the needed nutrition. In other words, even though you eat a healthy diet your body may not get adequate nutrients.

Refined and denaturalized food is an other contributor. Such food is laden with toxins and chemicals that can take a toll on the colon. These substances have no value to the body but are just a work load for it. Industrialized food lacks enzymes, fibre and nutrients that the colon needs for optimal function.

Natural Colon Detox

The body is always trying to do its best to stay healthy but is only able to adjust to a certain limit. Doing some sort of natural colon detox means supporting and stimulating the body with its process of cleansing and rebuilding. It helps to properly cleanse out the accumulated debris, mucus and putrification in the colon.

We are the first generation facing so many toxins and chemicals from our environment and food. I like to compare it like this. In early times people did not need to wash their bodies every day because there was not such an amount of pollution around. Now it is standard to take a shower every day. As much as we need to cleanse our outside these days we have to detox our inside as well.

It is recommended to do a proper colon detox at least once a year. If you have any of the above symptoms you may even do it more often.

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