Clay Detoxification

A natural and healthy choice

Clay Detoxification
Clay is a volcanic ash formed over thousands of years through weathering and hydrothermal processes. It is a marvelous cleansing and healing gift from our wonderful mother earth.

Clay detoxification has a long history of its known great absorptive and adsorptive properties. In addition, clay is rich in natural minerals that are essential for good health.

Popular clays are Fullers earth, Bentonite, Montmorillonite, Living Clay, Zeolite, Kaolin, and Pascalite, red and green Clay to name a few. They do vary in their compounds such as mineral content and their absorbtive potential depending on the origin (where they are mined).

So to say, Fuller's earth and Bentonite are just other names for Montmorillonite. These three are all calcium clays. Nevertheless, all of them do have great cleansing properties.

External Clay Detoxification - Clay Bath, Body Wraps

Clay acts like a magnet on the skin. It attracts and absorbs heavy metals and other chemicals, impurities, pollutants and excess oil as well. At the same time the skin gets nourished and revitalized with a bounty of trace minerals that are beneficial for the body.

Clay, alkaline in nature, neutralizes the body's ph level. Other then that, it has also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties which may help with some skin problems.

You can use it as a bath. It is an easy and enjoyable treat you can do for yourself. No worry, if you do not have a bath tube at home. You can do it with a clay foot bath. It is as good as gold, doing it this way.

An other possibility is to use it for Detox Body Wraps or as a poultice. The clay is mixed with water to a paste (Peloid) and then applied either directly onto the skin and then wrapped, or first placed on a bandage.

Internal Clay Detoxification - Orally used

Orally used it makes an effective chelating agent. It absorbs, neutralizes and cleanses the colon of toxins, poisons, parasites and fungi and free radicals. Many people have reported release of all sorts of stomach and digestion problems. Clay for oral use is available in form of powder, capsules or tablets. A great calcium clay is fullers earth to cleanse the intestinal tract.

Clay detoxification is safe and there are no known side effects. In a few cases, it may cause temporary constipation because of the swelling and expanding. Normally it does go away.

Bottom line...

Clay with all its benefits is trutly a marvelous choice for internal and external cleanse.

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