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How to make your own Body Wrap
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Body Wraps

There are two ways you can do Body Wraps at home. You can prepare it all yourself from scratch which means buying the ingredients and equipment that are needed for it individually. Or, you can buy a home body wrap kit which includes everything. They are found in beauty or health shops or on the internet.

What you need for the Wrap

  • The product (Clay, Algae, Mud, Oil ect.) which you may like to apply on your skin
  • A little spoon and bowl to mix the ingredients
  • Some old large towels or sheets for wrapping up and to cover the floor
  • A large plastic sheet or thermal foil blanket (better option then plastic sheet, inexpensive to buy) for the wrap. It helps to keep the product on, the skin moist, and the body warm.
  • A ideal place where you can lie down.

  • Additionally

  • A pillow
  • An eye mask
  • Some relaxing music
  • A few candles

Although, you can do the process yourself, it would be great having the partner or a good friend around who would apply the product on your back and wrap you up.


  1. Prior to the Detox Body Wrap you should exfoliate your skin of dead cells and impurities It improves the effect of absorbtion and excretion of the skin. For instruction on skin exfoliation please see: Dry Skin Brushing > >

  2. Prepare the place where you want to lie down during the time you are in the wrap. Since it can be a bit messy, some people choose to do it in the bath tub. If you like to do it on an other place, just remember that you have to walk to the bath room after the treatment to wash your skin.
  3. First, spreed the large towel on the floor and on top of that the plastic sheet or thermal foil. You may also want to light some candles and put some relaxing music on. And make sure, the room is warm.
  4. Prepare the paste of clay, seaweed, herbs, oil or what ever products you have choosen. Apply it on the entire skin except the face. If you do have somebody else who rubs the paste on your back, that would be fantastic, if not, just spread the rest of the paste onto the top of the plastic, where you will lie down.
  5. Lie down and wrap yourself up but leave the head outside the wrap. Forget the world around you and enjoy it for half to an hour or so.
  6. When you get up, please get up slowly to avoid dizzyness. Take a shower and put some natural body cream on if you like.

Important: Before and after the treatment, drink plenty of water.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, a whole body wrap may not be suitable for you. However, there is a little trick to overcome this obstacle. My own experience as a Therapist is, that it works well for most people with claustrophobia.

Trick: When you get wrapped up, leave one or both arms outside of the wrap. This way it may not trigger your claustrophobic feeling.

You may want to try it out first without products by wrapping yourself in 1-2 woolen blankets, leaving one or both arms outside and see how you feel.

Sample Recipe for Body Wraps at home

Seaweed Body Wrap with Lavender

Body Wraps at Home

1 cup of seaweed powder and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Mix the seaweed powder with hot water until you have a smooth paste. Add the lavender essential oil.

Herbal Clay Body Wrap

Body Wraps at Home
1 cup of clay powder and 1 cup of dried herbs. Mix the clay with your choosen herbs. Add warm water until you have a semi-liquid paste.

For more Information on other ingredients for making Body Wraps at Home have a look on the page Detox Body Wraps and Clay Detoxification.

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