Body Toxins

Did you know that Body Toxins
may cause weight gain?

On this site, I give you examples of how body toxins may distress your health and well-being. Our bodies have to deal with a huge amount of harmful substances every day and night. They can affect and disturb vital functions in the body if they are not eliminated. Such are the immune system, metabolism, endocrine and nervous system.

What are Body Toxins?

All substances in the body that are poisonous or harmful to it. Toxins enter our bodies through eating/drinking, breathing and absorbing through the skin. A very healthy body is usually able to metabolise and eliminate most of the harmful compounds but not all, it has its limits too.

Synthetic chemicals in the food, heavy metal toxins and environmental pollutants are some of the biggest burden for the body. If the body gets constantly bombarded with all those chemicals (and it actually does happen in our polluted world) it starts to struggle.

How do Body Toxins affect health?

Toxins can literally build up in any parts of the body and eventually weaken one's health. It is often overlooked that body toxins may be an under-lying problem for many health issues. Typical examples are fatigue, obesity, and degenerative diseases.

A build up of toxins can cause malnutrition in the body. For example, Mercury can cause Zinc deficiency. On the other side, a malnourished body is more prone to accumulate heavy metal toxins. Most of our commercial vegetables and fruits are lacking in essential mineral elements and vitamins due to the poor soil they grow in. Instead, they contain lots of harmful chemicals from fertiliser, pesticides and fungicides.

The liver is one of the main detox organs. It filters and purifies the blood. The liver can easily be overloaded in its process through ingestion of processed food, medication, alcohol etc. Toxins that are not metabolised go back into the blood stream and find their way into other parts of the body.

Obesity is strongly related to toxins. The number of toxins we face in our daily life has enormous increased over the last few decades and so has obesity risen. Fat soluble toxins get stored in the fatty tissue. The accumulation over a longer time may result in weight gain. It makes it also more difficult to lose weight as long as toxins are present.

Toxins in the colon interrupt the natural micro-organism. Friendly Bacteria may die off and unhealthy fungus and parasites start to grow. They themselves release mycotoxins and other metabolic waste that can poison the body.

An overloaded body with toxins stresses and weakens the immune system which makes the body more prone to catch a cold or flu.

Free radicals are an other problem the body faces from air pollution and heavy metals. They can damage cells if the body can not keep up with the oxidative stress. It is said that free radicals speed up the ageing process as well.

Toxins may irritate the ph balance, causing an overly acidic body. You probably know, that an acidic body rubs you of energy and leads to many other malaises.

Some toxic chemicals act as endocrine disrupter. They can alter the activity of the endocrine system and the reproductive system. There is strong evidence that infertility is linked to toxins in the body.

Bottom line... Body Toxins can cause a wide variety of disfunctions and problems. The body is always trying to detoxify itself naturally, but, as Paracelsus said: “The dose makes the poison”. In other words, it is crucial for one's health to prevent an accumulation of toxins in the body.

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