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This site gives you short answers to the most common questions people ask first about Body Detox. Knowing the basics gives you an overall understanding about it. For more information click on the particular links.

FAQ # 1 - What is Body Detoxification?

De-toxification means cleansing out toxic chemicals and waste from the body. The body does it naturally all the time through metabolism, bowel movements, sweeting, urinating. But many factors can weaken this vital function and hindering the body to eliminate such harmful substances as needed.

When the system becomes overburdened toxins start to build up in the body and eventually impacting its health. Body Detox helps to release this burden.

FAQ # 2 - Why do I need it?

We are all exposed to a certain amount of harmful chemicals which we can not avoid like air pollution and preservatives added to food. Usually they do not cause problems immediately but they can build up in the body over the time. Accumulated toxins are a real burden, disturbing the normal functions and causing internal havoc. In the long term it may lead to health problems.

FAQ # 3 - I am healthy, should I do it anyway?

Yes, it should be part of a healthy lifestyle. Do it regularly to prevent the body getting out of balance and you can also boost your energy level and enhance your overall well-being.

FAQ # 4 - Can I lose weight with cleansing?

Many factors can contribute to over weight and one of them is toxins. In fact toxins, especially environmental ones are mainly stored in the fat cells. The body does so as a protective solution to prevent the organs from damage, so getting rid of toxins can help releasing excess pounds as well.

FAQ #5 - Do I have to go on a rigorous diet to cleanse my colon?

No, not necessarily. For example you can go to a qualified therapist who offers Colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy). It is a treatment that works by washing out the the colon with warm water. It is a very helpful and painless treatment that can do wonders, although, some people may not feel comfortable with it because of its intimacy.

An other more convenient way is to buy Colon Cleanse Supplements or Kits especially designed for that. While there may be some restriction to the diet, depending on the product you buy, it is not rigorous und you can eat most of the meals as usual.

FAQ #6 - Can I detox at home?

Yes, indeed you can do most of the methods easily at home.

FAQ #7 - What are Toxins?

Related to the subject of this webpage, toxins are harmful or poisonous substances that have a negative impact on the body. Most of them are man-made chemicals, synthetics, artificial foods and by-products which contaminate our environment.

They come in many forms and from various sources and we absorb them though food, water and air. Click on Types of Toxins which shows you further what they are and how you may be exposed to them. Body Toxins explains some known effects they may have on the body's function and its health.

FAQ #8 - What is a Whole Body Detox?

The main eliminatory organs are the colon, liver, lung, skin and kidney. When you do a Total Body cleanse you address all of them. Usually you start with Colon Detox, followed by the liver and then the organs. There are different approaches to treat each organ but it mainly consists of taking certain food that stimmulate it, herbal teas, drink mixtures or supplements. The whole process may take from a few weeks up to a few month depending on the concept you choose.

FAQ #9 - Which Method should I choose?

It is important that you choose the right Method for you. Think first about why you want to do it, for example weight loss, healing certain ailments, or just to strengthen and improve your overall health? Look for a concept that is designed for your needs. Also consider things like how much time you have for doing it and look for a program that fits into your daily shedule. See Best Way To Detox where you will find useful tips that help find the right one for you.

FAQ #10 - Can everybody do it?

No. You should only do it yourself, if you are genereally in a “healthy” state. Body Detox is mainly a “tool” for health prevention, to enhance your general well-being, and to alleviate minor ailments such as sluggish bowel, lack of energy, headache and binge eating.

People with serious health conditions should only detox under supervision of a doctor or qualified physician. If that is your case, please talk to your professional.

FAQ #11 - Do I lose weight with fasting?

Yes, losing some weight during a prolonged fasting is normal. It happens even to fairly slim people. There are two reasons for that. You usually carry a few pounds of impacted waste and undigested food in your gut. In the first few days of a fast this matter is cleansed out and your colon stays “empty” because you have stopped eating. After that the body begins to use up stored fat cells. Please see also Benefits of Fasting for additional information.

FAQ #12 - How do I know whether I have a toxic body or not?

Let me say first, we all do have chemical residues and other poisoning substances in our bodies to a certain level. We do absorb, inhale and ingest external toxins all the time and the body produces them internally through metabolism as well. We should try to keep them at bay by detoxing regularly before they cause problems.

They can accumulate in the body over the years if the body can not eliminate them fast enough. Typical first signs of a toxic-burdened body are: feeling tired all the time, difficulty with clear thinking, uncomfortable perspiration (body odor), increase of body weight, discomfort in the gut and an overall feeling of not being quite well.

Substances like Heavy Metal Toxins can be determined with tests such as hair mineral analysis or provocative chelation tests.

FAQ #13 - How does the salt water flush differ from colonic treatments hydro-colon therapy) or enemas?

The difference is that the salt flush goes from top to bottom cleansing out your entire digestive tract. Colonic and enemas work the opposite way, reaching only the lower part of the bowel, but do a more thorough job.

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