What is the Best Way to Detox?

How to choose the best Method to detoxify

What is the Best Way to Detox? Good question! Every body differs in their lifestyle, health condition, habits ect.

This site helps you to decide what is the best way to detox for YOU. In any way, detoxing begins always by reducing the amount of toxins where possible. One big contributer to the body burden is food, yes food. Here are a few steps how to ease the toxic burden:

  • Use natural brown sugar instead of the white refined
    sugar for cooking and backing.

  • Avoid artificial sweetener at all (very toxic), a great
    herbal sweetener is stevia.

  • If you use processed food, choose frozen vegetables
    instead of cans (healthier).

  • Try not to over eat. Trink a glas of water before
    the meal, eat slowly and chew properly.

  • Trink, trink, trink lots of water, especially when you
    drink coffee and alkohol!

  • Take some vitamine supplements. It gives the body
    an extra boost to detox itself.

Sure, it would be good to give up certain unhealthy foods at all. Such, that do not offer much nutrition to the body or cause weight gain (I am sure, you know, which ones I mean). That is easier said then done, isn't it? So by avoiding or at least reducing the toxins in the first place, is the best way to START detoxing.

Decide upon the best way to detox

I have put together the best methods for the different circumstances. That makes the decision easier for you to find the best way to detox. Read on and see what fits you most.

Are you very busy and looking for some type of detox that suits best into your time shedule. One of the most time saving and still effective way is to get on a detox program in form of supplements to be taken. The supplements are composed of herbs, vitamins and minerals and are taken over a few week up to 3 month. There are different packages availabe. The most common ones are colon and liver cleanser. The second most time saving detox tool is the detox foot pads.

Do you like to detox and relax at the same time? Sauna bath is a great way to sweat out toxins and pollutants. It does not matter which kind of sauna, dry sauna, steam sauna, infrared sauna, they are all very good. The temperature in the infrared sauna is much lower then in the other saunas. If you can't stand the heat, try the infra red sauna.

Are you looking for the best "extreme" whole body detox? Then detox fasting is the right method four you. Water fasting is the most challenging one. The good thing about it is, you do not have to cook in this time. It does need self-discipline to do it at home by yourself. An other great way is to go on a fasting retreat. Being in a group makes it a whole lot easier to stick to the fast.

Conclution... The best way to detox is just doing it! Every detox method is worth doing it and helps the body to unload the toxic burden.

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