Bentonite Detox

A natural and safe way
to cleanse out toxins from the body

Bentonite is one of the favourite clays for detoxing the body. What makes Bentonite detox so special? It is a safe, inexpensive, easy and natural agent for purifying the body. Bentonite clay has a long history.

Hippocrates (460 B.C.-377), the father of medicine already used clay to treat people with poisoning. It is well researched in its healing and detoxing abilites. Indead, it is used in many products like cosmetics, pills (diarrhoea) or toothpaste for its properties. It is just not labeled with that name.

How does it works?

Bentonite clay works in various ways on the entire body system. It is not only one of the best natural detox tool, it is also rich in essential trace minerals. They are vital for good health. Bentonite can be taken orally or as a bath or poultice.

Attracts and Binds the nasty ions

Clay is said to be charged with negative ions attracting positive charged substances. Most of the heavy metal toxins (Mercury, Amalgam, Lead, Arsenic), chemicals and metabolic waste are positive charged. They are drawn and bind to the clay like a magnet and eliminated from the body.

Regenerates while bathing

The ph (potential of hydrogen) in the human body should be slightly alkaline. Air pollution and consumation of de-naturalized food may cause the body to be overly acidic. Bentonite clay has a high alkaline ph. Bathing in it helps with neutralizing the acidification.

Revitalizes and nourishes the cells

Environmental chemicals can block important active minerals in the body from doing their work. For example Sodium (exchanges of water between the cells, Calcium (neutralizes toxine and acid) and Magnesium (activates enzymes).

Cleanses out the bad “guys”

Clay helps to rebuild a healty intestinal microflora. It cleanses out harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus in the colon. The immune system benefits from it too, as many of its functions are connected to the colon.

Bottom line: Bentonite Detox is one of the finest accomplishment you can do for yourself. It is a real natural, easy and affordable way to add to your detox regime.

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