Benefits of Fasting

What Health Benefits of Fasting can you expect?

There are many benefits of fasting that you can expect. Fasting means self-healing through detoxifying, cleansing and regenerating the body on the physical and mental level. It is the most natural way one can choose for health and well-being.

The benefits of fasting after a prolonged one are greater then after a short fast. Nevertheless, a couple of days fasting has beneficial effects as well.

Benefits of Fasting on the Physical Level

One of the most beneficial effects is that the detoxification takes place in the body. Built up toxins in the tissues are released and eliminated and metabolic waste and debris in the intestine are cleansed out. The function of the intestine is restored and ailments like constipation, flatulence or bloating can be released.

Losing weight during the fasting period follows naturally. Under normal circumstances we carry between 2 - 3 undigested meals in our intestine. These pounds are cleansed out in the first few days of fasting.

The body then starts to use up its own fat as the energy resource instead of food. When the intestinal tract is clean, it can work efficiently and absorb nutrition properly. Cravings for sugar and sweets are usually no longer experienced and the same goes along with addictions to certain substances like coffee.

An other main benefit of fasting is the increase of energy. The body needs immense energy for the digestion of food and even more for heavy and fatty meals. During the fast, the body does not need much energy for digestion, thus the whole body gets more energy.

During the process of fasting, the body gets into a natural and healthy state. It increases the senses of taste and smell and the feeling of satisfaction. The benefit of that obviously leads to healthier choices in diet and lifestyle.

The skin benefits from fasting too. The skin will look yonger, more fresh and radiant and it will feel more soft.

Some people believe that fasting strengthens their immune system which makes sense. When toxins and waste are released, the body can function on an optimal level. Many people have also reported that they have benefit from fasting by experiensing more restful and deeper sleep and waking up refreshed in the morning.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Fasting

They are important aspects too. Actually, many people do fasting because of those effects. Some observe a clearer mind and better concentration. Fasting calms the mind and gives a sense of inner peace. An extended fasting requires a bit of self-discipline. Having done it successfully does notably improve one's self-esteem.

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