Aspartame Side Effects

Does Aspartame gives You Health Problems?

There is a lot of controversy going around side effects of Aspartame. Aspartame is declared as safe for human consumtion, but is it really? A large number of opponents say, it is highly toxic and can cause all sorts of health problems.

What is Aspartame?

Artificial Sweetener Aspartame
It is an synthetic, genetically enginieered, artificial sweetener used as a sugar substitute. It is widely used, propably because it is 200 times sweeter then table sugar which makes it a cheap sugar replacement. Beside that, it tastes nearly like real sugar but has almost no calories.

An estimated 9000 Aspartame-containing products are worldwide on the market. You find it in so-called “light”, “sugar-free” or “diet” products like frozen deserts, soft drinks, cereals, chewing gums and sweets, chewable vitamins, supplements and pharmaceutical drugs.

Different companies produce it under their own label with names such as Nutra-Sweet, Equal, Canderel, Spoonfull or Sanecta. As an additive, it is listed with the number E 951.

Aspartame and Health

It is said, that when Aspartame breakes down in the body, it may release dangerous substances. A high concentration of these chemicals can damage the nervous system, cause an acidic body and other problems.

Symptoms that could be a sign of an overdose of Aspartame are: Muscle and joint pain, Muscle spasm, Numbness or tingling feeling in arms or legs, Dizziness, Headache or Migraine, Buzzing in the Ear, Depression, Panic attacks, Poor memory, Mental confusion, Vision problems, Sleep problems and Diarrhoea.

Problems can show up immediately, but more often, they develop over a time of regular consumation. It is often overlooked that Aspartame may be the trigger. Many people still do not know about it.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few reports around from people feeling better after cutting out such products from their diet. I can not comment on that from my own experience, as I do not consume it, but I do know myself of a few such cases.

So, if you do suffer from Aspartame Side Effects, you know what to do? Avoid any Aspartame-containing goods and see, if you feel better. And if it has helped you, please let me know and share it with others.

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