Amalgam Toxicity

Millions of people are suffering from
amalgam toxicity and do not know it!

Does it cause you trouble?

What is Amalgam?

Amalgam is a combination of around 50% Mercury and other metals like Silver, Tin, Copper or Zinc. The use of Mercury based tooth fillings goes way back nearly 200 years.

In the early 1900s it was banned for a short time because of its high toxic Mercury compound. The reason for using it again was probably because it is cheap and relatively easy for the dentist to work with.

How toxic is it?

Amalgam fillings

A dentist who removes Amalgam from the teeth, has to dispose of it as a Toxic Hazardous Waste. Think about that....

The Problem - Poisoning Vapor

The Amalgam component which is of most concern is Mercury. Mercury is constantly released as a vapour from the fillings.

Every time you chew, drink something hot, like cafe, this increases dramatically the amount of Mercury vapour released.

The same happens while ingesting high acidic food like vinegar. You may have learned from chemistry in the school too that acidic disolves metal. Each time when you swallow, a tiny amount of Mercury gets into your body.

A healthy and well nourished body is normally able to detoxify itself of Mercury residue from Amalgam. Unfortunately, Mercury is not only present in dental fillings. See Mercury Detox for more information on that.

What increases the risk of Amalgam Toxicity?

  • People with lots of old Amalgam fillings
  • Lack of nutrients, poor diet
  • Those allergic to metals
  • General weak health

What are the symptoms?

Mercury that is not cleansed out settles down somewhere in the body, mainly in fatty cells. It can stay in the body for a long time without making serious trouble. Usually, symptoms begin to show up only after an accumulation over years. There is no so called “Amalgam Illness”. It is more a trigger that makes health problems evolve.

Chronic Mercury toxicity is related to a wide range of physical and psychological health issues. In particular, people suffering from memory loss, chronic fatigue and depression may be "Amalgam Victims". A sign of metal toxins in the body is, if you try to cure some health issues and your body just wont respond to any treatment.

Should you replace Amalgam fillings?

Let me say first, I am not a Dentist or Physician but I have educated myself about this subject, since I am was an “Amalgam Victim”.

If you do think that Amalgam fillings may cause you problems, seek advice from a Dentist who provides a Mercury-free dentistry. Ask for the best option for youself. There are various treatments that can help in reducing Amalgam Toxicity.

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