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Hi, my name is Fiorella and I am the creator of this Web Site. Body Detox has become part of my lifestyle as a means to increase my health and well-being. I like to share with you my experiences and what I have learned. The information provided on this website reflects the knowledge and understanding about detox, cleanse and fasting I have collected over the years.

How I came to...
Ever since I became very interested in natural and complementary (non-invasive) medicine. I have read and studied many books, courses and lectures and I have applied what I learnt. Searching for ways to maintain good health led me to the subject of detoxing.

My first attempt was years ago when I started with fasting. You can read my personal experiences on the page Detox Juice Fast where I explain how I did it and what I learnt from it.

I like to try things out...
Since then I have tried out many other methods, such as ionic foot bath, colon cleanse kits, oil pulling and many more. My passion continues for the search of new ways to keep my body healthy and clean from inside out.

What else....?
I am trained as a Massage Therapist back in Switzerland where I grew up. I now live in the South Island of New Zealand aka Aotearoa. So, please forgive me, if you find a writing error on this webpage as english is not my mother language. And yes, drop me an email, let me know and I will solve it.

I am happily leading a vegetarian life. I also give my best to life in harmony with nature, using eco-friendly (toxic-free) products and eating organic food where possible. I love and respect animals and I do not support any cruelty which means on this webpage I do recommend only quality products which are not tested on animals.

Last but not least....
Thank you for visiting Body Detox! Please bookmark this site and return in the future, as I do regularly add new information and articles. If you have any special questions or suggestions regarding Body Detox, please contact me.

Remember though, I am not a physician or doctor, so I do not give any advice or diagnosis of specific diseases. Thank you for your understanding.



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