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Body Detox has become an extremely popular topic as many people realize its importance. Our modern liefestyle has brought us countless toxic chemicals. I call it the other side of the “medaille” in our high standard of living.

Where do these toxins come from?

We are all exposed to a wide range of potentially toxic substances we are not aware of. They are present in our most fundamentals for living: In our food, personal care products, cleansing agents, buildings, air and water. We neither smell nor taste them. Still, they enter our bodies through breathing, drinking and eating.

It is a vital process of the body to constantly cleanse itself of impurities. However, it can only do so much.

Without any doubt,
we are living in a toxic world

What disturbs this natural process?

The enormous amount of toxic compounds that end up in our bodies can easily overload it. Poor diet, inadequate exercise, stress and other factors may even weaken the system to neutralize and remove unwanted matter properly. Toxins that are not eliminated start to accumulate and build up in the body.

Accumulated Toxins and Chemicals
can limit the quality of your health.

Toxic deposits in the body disturb its biochemistry hindering it to function on its optimum level. Common first signs of toxicity are low energy, feeling sluggish, foggy mind, headache, skin problems, food cravings, excess weight, body odor, bloated stomach and flatulence.

Food Toxins that burden the body contribute to weight gain. Body Toxins are also likely to cause premature aging which often shows up in the skin looking “old”.

In the long term, it may even lead to more serious conditions. Experts believe that, toxicity is often the underlying cause of chronic diseases.

Stay healthy and young -
Keep yourself free of toxins and chemicals.

What means detoxing exactly?

It is a process that attempts to help and stimmulate the system to expel harmful substances.

There are many excellent ways to do so, whether you are looking for a total body cleanse or a regime that addresses specific problems caused by toxins. For example Natural Colon Detox or Clay Detoxification are gentle methods to cleanse your intestinal tract. A great and all-natural technique is Detox Fasting which helps with regenerating the whole system.

Where to start? First, have a look on the page How to Detox Your Body. It gives you an overall view of the various techniques and tools.

Also visit Body Detox FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which answers the most common questions. Take your time to educate yourself about these useful tools to stay healthy and vital.

If you have any requests regarding the content of this site, feel free to ask me. I do update this site regularly with new Information so, make sure, you bookmark this page and check back often.

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